Matt's latest release is entitled 'October' and features vocals by Nick Wallwork of Winterfylleth. Out on 01/10/12 on his own label Absolute Music, the release is available on CD-r and limited to 31 hand stamped and numbered copies and includes the instrumental version. A new track entitled 'Preparing of the skin for birth' is only available on this CD-r release: both 'October' and the instrumental will be available digitally soon.

You can hear a clip here:

and buy it here:


  To have this guest vocal appearance on Absolute Music from Nick Wallwork of pioneering UK Black Metal group Winterfylleth, whose third album 'The Threnody of Triumph' has recently been released on Candlelight, is a great honour.

For Matt this collaboration cements the ideology of embracing atmospheric and richly textured music, uniting one aesthetic by way of two disciplines that both rely heavily on mood, creating a piece of music that is as unsettling as it is emotive and one that achieves this without being obvious.


Buy it here:



'Duet V.I.P.' is out now on Absolute Music. The original was release on DJ Zinc's Bingo Beats label in 2006, and this mix keeps the elastic funk and cold and cerebral tone but pushes it in a new, more restrained direction.

Avialable to buy digitally from iTunes, Juno, Trackitdown, Beatport and more.



Matt has a brand new and exclusive track available on 'Fear Candy 101' which comes free with the legendary Terrorizer Magazine. Previously unreleased, 'Clumsy' is described by Terrorizer as "Atmospheric and often ominous drum and bass spiked with gruff riffs". Terrorizer #217 is on sale on 01/12/11.

To celebrate 'Clumsy' featuring on Terrorizer's 'Fear Candy 101' CD Matt has recorded a new mix for the Winter entitled 'Make your way to The Crossing' which is available to listen to and download here:

The tracklisting is as follows:

Make your way to The Crossing – Winter 2011 Mix
Let it hit ‘em – Optiv & BTK – Frequency
My Own Personal Blackmail – Konflict remix – Skunkrock
Shibuya – Mayhem – Shadow Law
Duet V.I.P. – Matt Domino – Absolute Music
The Fugitive – Phobia & Jubei – Coded Music
Draw – Fierce & Nico – Quarantine
October – Matt Domino ft. Nick Wallwork of Winterfylleth – Absolute Music
Red Tears – Seba & Paradox – Secret Operations
Wolv – Wolvserpent – Crucial Blast
Undersea Flight – Optical – Metalheadz
Crawler – Quadrant remix – Citrus
Sweet Little Supernova – Blu Mar Ten – Blu Mar Ten
Nebulus –Marcus Intalex – Metalheadz
>> Phantom Force – Phantom Audio – Phantom Audio
Providence – Commix & D-Bridge – Exit
Another Place – Pacific – Explicit
ASC – System Shock – Synaptic Plastic

Also, Matt is offering a reduced remix fee for bands whilst issue #217 of Terrorizer is on sale until 29th December. To utilise this reduction you will need to contact and quote the last two words used in the paragraph relating to Matt's track on page 14 of Terrorizer.


Next up on Absolute Music is the VIP version of 'Duet' (featured in the above mix). The original was released on DJ Zinc's Bingo Beats label in 2006, and this mix keeps the elastic funk and cold and cerebral tone but pushes it in a new, more restrained direction. 'Duet' (VIP) will be released on 30/01/12. You can listen to it here:



Matt has just finished work on a new Drum and Bass track entitled 'October'. The track features vocals from Nick Wallwork of UK Black Metal band Winterfylleth who are signed to Candlelight Records.

A clip of the track is available on Soundcloud...

'October' successfully keeps proceedings atmospheric and forward moving and is best described by who describes it as "a dark roller". More on its release to follow.

Next up on Absolute Music is 'Duet' V.I.P. - the V.I.P. version of Matt's 2006 release on Bingo. Check it out on the audio page of the site.


  Matt has contributed his 2005 track 'Ancestors' to the T-FREE album entitled 'Happy End'. It is Matt's third offering on the label: 'The Internal' and 'Wound Circus' are also available for free download from T-FREE, as is 'Ancestors' which you can grab here:

This is the final release on the label, a label that sought out the best in unreleased and underground Drum and Bass from a wide range of producers who were only to pleased to contribute and then presented it to the public for free download - some music just shouldn't remain hidden away. Thanks for all your hard work over the years T-FREE. Rest in Peace.

Lastly for now, the first Absolute Music podcast is out now and is available from Nu Urban Music


Tunnel of Set 6 – 1349 – Indie Recordings
Duet V.I.P. – Matt Domino – Absolute Music
Vanishing Point – Noisia – Shadow Law
Crawler – Optiv & BTK ft. Presence Known – Demand Records
Maelstrom – Konflict – Renegade Hardware
>> Tropical Heights – James Mowbray & Leiam Sullivan – Four:Twenty
Discipline – Matt Domino – Absolute Music
>> Remote Control – Phantom Audio – Timeless
N-Sphere – Allied – Rise Audio
Marco Polo – Zero Method – Disturbed
Socom – Ed Rush & Optical – Virus
Music Within – Optiv & BTK ft. Podage & LaMeduza – Demand Records
Pathogen – Stakka & Skynet – Audio Blueprint
Want you – FD ft Colette Warren – CDR
Selecta – Johnny L – Piranha
Vintage – Matt Domino – Absolute Music
Future Sound – Seba – Spearhead Ltd
Tenderness – Bulb – Kokeshi

From the Box:
China Cup – Bad Company – Prototype
In the Box:
Mercurial – Evidence – CDR
Out of the Box:
The Ruin – Winterfylleth – Candlelight



Matt's remix of Choking Dolphin's 'Alias?' is available now on iTunes. Taking the original in a Tech House direction, the track hypnotically pulses from start to finish, making it a track perfect for DJ's and non-DJ's alike.

Grab it here...

Matt is currently working on some new Drum and Bass material due for Absolute Music. He is working with a guest vocalist that is likely to turn a few heads, but for now all remains hush hush. More soon.

Next up on Absolute Music will be 'Duet V.I.P.' - a one track digital release of the much sought after V.I.P mix of Matt's 2006 release on DJ Zinc's Bingo label. Still sounding fresh, and just as "addictive" and "impressive" as Knowledge Mag described the original.



The first batch of digitally exlcusive tracks on Absolute Music are available now...

Matt Domino - 'Discipline' b/w 'Wingspan' (TOTALDIGITAL001)

Absolute Remix package (TOTAL001R):

'Threatz' - Matt Domino ft. Jazz T
'Embryonic' - Matt Domino
'Threatz' - Dub version
'Threatz' - Mike Lennon remix




Also available on Beatport, and all good other on-line retailers.

The 12" of the first Absolute Music release (TOTAL001) was re-released on 13/06/11. Grab it from all good on-line and dance music stores.

“I really liked the release, the basslines are filthy!” - Raiden

Other news:

Matt has submitted his tearing grind roller 'Ancestors' to the forthcoming T-FREE album.

Matt's Techno styled remix of Choking Dolphin's 'Alias?' will be avialable soon. Weighing in at 120BPM, it's a hynpotic groove that makes you want to move.

More news on both the above soon.

Matt will be playing at Presciption at Backline Live in Guildford on 20/05/11 to promote his next release on Absolute Music. It will be the first digital only single - 'Discipline' b/w 'Wingspan', which will be closely followed by a re-release of 'Threatz' with the long awaited Mike Lennon remix, and a 'Dub' mix too.

Check out his new and exclusive mix for the Prescription crew at:


The inaugural release on Matt's Absolute Music imprint is out now on both vinyl and digital and is available from any of the on-line stores listed below. It will be available from this site soon alongside many other releases and exclusive items. This release is to be followed by a digital re-release to include 'Threatz' (Dub version) and a Mike Lennon remix, as featured in his Kmag podcast. Swiftly following on from this will be the digital only single 'Discipline' b/w 'Wingspan', both by Matt.

Absolute Music:
A. 'Threatz' - Matt Domino ft. Jazz T
AA. 'Embryonic' - Matt Domino




and on iTunes

Below is a short video that Matt created for the release:

Finally, an interview with Matt in Kmag from earlier this month can be found at:


Next up - hold tight for the launch of Absolute Music, Matt's label which will be dealiing in "the best in drum n' bass and other sound related phenomena". Distributed by Nu Urban Music, the first release is being mastered next week by Beau at Masterpiece and will be out shortly in the autumn. Dropping first will be the massive 'Threatz' featuring Jazz T, b/w 'Embryonic' (TOTAL001). Check out the tracks over on the label's MySpace:

Lastly, a shop feature will be coming to the site by the end of 2010 to allow you to purchase limited audio-visual artworks, records and CD's. Check back regularly for updates.



Matt will be exhibiting his short film 'One True Day' at the ELSA Sound Arts & Design show at LCC in Elephant & Castle - see flyer. This is the 2nd installation of the work (see Gallery).

On 8th June 2010 Matt will be installing a site specific piece called 'Pillow Talk (Jingle Bells)' in the Audio Chamber at the above show - please come along and experience the piece as it was meant to be experienced. 6 limited copies of the work will be available to buy, complete with programme note and special packaging.

Matt will be hosting 2 one hour shows on Resonance FM with Rollo Smallcombe. The shows, which are 8 - 9pm on 1st and 2nd June, will be promoting the 'Emerging London Sound Artists' End of Year Show at LCC in Elephant & Castle where Matt will be showing some of his audio-visual work. The show runs from 3rd - 9th June. You can tune into the Resonance shows at:

Also, check out the ELSA website here:


‘Threatz‘ ft. Jazz T is finally due out in July 2010. A Mike Lennon remix is due to coincide as a digital release. Check back for more details.

Matt has uploaded two parts of a conceptual audio visual triptych that he created last year. See them below.


‘Paper Cut’/ ‘Sludge Puppy’ are out now on Jerona Digital. These two slices of fast paced funk will get you moving and any mix rolling. Download these tracks and more from the player below.


Next up is Matt's remix of Rex Cody's ‘0's & X's’. This techno remix on the Electrocute label has a serious but simple groove that creates a hypnotic atmosphere but still keeps the bouncy vibe, illustrating Matt's diversity as an artist/ producer.

Also on the Electrocute label you can find Matt's remix of D.Trac3d's 'Take what you like'. Keeping the groove full and housey, Matt builds this remix in to a deep, euphoric treat.

Both tracks are available on the ‘Global Nightlife - Paris’ CD compliation out now on Electrocute.

Also - 'False Sense of Security’, the punch and grind ballad featuring The Razor Choir, is out now on T-Files. T-Files is a digital label run by Tilt Recordings in Germany that also includes the T-FREE label on which Matt has previously released ‘The Internal’ and ‘Wound Circus’. Download them for free from:



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